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Episode · 2 months ago

S3E28 : Coaching to Explosive Growth : Dominic Monkhouse, Tech Growth Advisor


Dominic Monkhouse is a leader with a unique style and process that has enabled incredible growth and success in the companies that he has run. Now, as a Tech Growth Advisor and business coach, Dominic has created a purpose-built management lab where he shares the systems, tools and strategies that help successful companies achieve explosive growth.

His blunt and bold approach to business combined with an ever-growing wealth of knowledge provides a number of lessons that can be applied to anyone’s career.

Guest Bio

Dominic Monkhouse

Tech Growth Advisor

Dominic is the silent weapon tech companies hire to achieve explosive growth. As managing director at Rackspace, the team grew from 4 to 150, the lifetime value of a client went up from £2000 to £200,000, and annual revenue from £250,000 to £30 million.

At Peer 1, he founded the UK business, scaling it from 0 to £30 million in 5 years, and helped grow the global business from $90 million to $200 million before it was acquired for $685m. While at ITlab he took the business from near bankruptcy to an award winning firm that sold for £26 million.

He has now created a purpose-built management lab where he shares the systems, tools and strategies that enabled him to scale from his quiet farm in Wiltshire. He’s also the host of The Melting Pot show and his weekly newsletter is read by over 6000 of the world’s top leaders.

Dominic is the outlandish author of F**K PLAN B. How to scale your technology business faster and achieve plan A, an exciting blueprint for cultural change and business transformation.


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