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Episode · 3 months ago

S3E39: The Power of Your Experience: Lauren Lopez, Sr. Vice President, Talent Management, The New York Times


Happy Hispanic Heritage Month!  Each week we will be amplifying the voices of Hispanic professionals with amazing career stories and breakthrough moments that we all can learn from.  In addition to our weekly guests, be sure to check out the special Hispanic Voices collection in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month at LeadWithYourBrand.com/latinx

Jayzen is thrilled to share the stage with Lauren Lopez, SVP of Talent Management for The New York Times. As a proud Nuyorican, her work is directly aligned with her passion for eliminating barriers to entry and growth that continue to exist in today’s workplace.  Rooted in the belief that every person has talents and experience that can benefit others, she brings a wealth of practical information and key tips to help you advance your career, always reminding us to "run our own race."

Guest Bio

Lauren Lopez

Senior Vice President, Talent Management

The New York Times

Lauren Lopez is an HR Leader rooted in the establishment of healthy and productive company culture, with the foundation of all her work starting with an equitable employee experience. From Talent Acquisition and Employee Relations to Inclusion and Talent Development, her 17 years of experience have allowed her to provide innovative and sustainable workforce solutions to organizations in times of great transformation and change.

Lauren’s career has crossed the technology, financial services, digital media, publishing and the sports entertainment industry affording her the opportunity to play the role of a servant leader, strategic advisor and coach. She is a believer in the power of coaching for the advancement of communities, organizations, and leadership. Her work is directly aligned with her passion for eliminating barriers to entry and growth that continue to exist in today’s workplace. Lauren is most fulfilled when she is able to help talent unlock the path to their purpose.

Lauren is a proud Nuyorican raised in Hell’s Kitchen and currently residing in Westchester with her two children - Dahlia and Cyrus, her husband Ozzie and their dog BB.


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