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Episode · 2 months ago

S3E36 : Turning Market Needs Into Opportunity : Lisa Cavalli, Co-Founder & COO, trooVRS


Jayzen is thrilled to welcome Lisa Cavalli to the show. After an expansive career in luxury wine marketing, Lisa created her own next chapter at the age of 47 when she saw a need in the marketplace for engaging content specifically for Latina women. Having never worked in editorial before she created HipLatina and BELatina. As a leading lifestyle platform for the audience, HipLatina was reaching over four million consumers a month prior to its sale in 2018. Leveraging her “figure it out” attitude and not-stop networking skills, she was able to take her passion for helping women and create successful businesses.

In her current role, she is the co-founder and COO of trooVRS, a startup set to shake up the growing metaverse world.

Guest Bio

Lisa Cavalli

Co-Founder & COO


Lisa is an entrepreneur who navigates life with unbridled ambition and that ambition has helped her accomplish plenty - from marketing in the Sonoma wine industry to becoming the publisher and founder of two premium multi-cultural driven digital magazines, HipLatina and BELatina.

HipLatina, which is considered one of the leading digital lifestyle platforms for Hispanic women and Latinas, reached more than four million consumers a month before being sold in 2018. Her newest creation, BELatina, unpacks and celebrates the monumental cultural shift marked by women of color, to create even more space for the evolution of Latina/Afro-Latinx empowerment across multiple themes and channels. BELatina recently went through a successful merger with BrandStar to continue to highlight the significance of this growing audience.


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